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Wegovy Side Effects: What you should be aware of


In the world of weight loss aids, there’s been quite the buzz surrounding weight loss injections, especially Wegovy. This medication has been making waves for its promising results in helping individuals lose weight, igniting excitement among those eager to embark on their weight loss journey. As licensed providers of Wegovy, we are thrilled to witness the remarkable enthusiasm surrounding this groundbreaking weight-loss treatment. While the enthusiasm towards wegovy is palpable, it’s crucial to know its potential side effects before diving in. While most of these side effects are typically mild and manageable, we believe in providing transparent information to help you make informed decisions about whether this treatment is right for you. 

Common Side Effects Associated with Wegovy  


  • Nausea/Vomiting 
  • Stomach Bloating 
  • Constipation (occasionally accompanied by abdominal cramps)  


These are the most common reported side effects of Wegovy (Wilding, 2021). These symptoms occur primarily because Wegovy functions by slowing down the gastric emptying process of the stomach and intestine, leading to a prolonged feeling of fullness after meals and helping individuals control their appetite more effectively on their weight loss journey. 

During the initial phases of Wegovy treatment, when your body is adjusting to the medication, and for the first few days following a dose increase, you might experience more pronounced side effects. However, these are usually temporary, lasting only a few days. The key to minimizing these initial discomforts lies in the gradual increase of dosage using the prescribed pen strengths. Following this approach, a significant majority of users (over 95%) find the side effects manageable, especially as they tend to become less bothersome over time. This gradual introduction allows your body to adapt to the medication at a comfortable pace, making the overall experience smoother for most individuals. 


Other Side Effects and Reported Frequency 


The below information will give you some idea of how much more frequently certain side effects were reported during Wegovy treatment (compared with patients taking a dummy injection) according to the STEP 1 Clinical Trial:  

  • Serious Adverse Events: 3% 
  • Adverse Events leading to Wegovy discontinuation: 4% 
  • Fatal Events: 0% 


Frequency of Common Side Effects: 


  • Nausea: 27% 
  • Vomiting: 18% 
  • Diarrhoea: 16% 
  • Constipation: 14% 
  • Indigestion: 7% 
  • Abdominal pain: 4% 
  • Headache: 3% 


For patients with type 2 diabetes: 


  • New or worsening diabetic retinopathy: 1.3% 


Less frequent side effects: 


  • Gallstones: 1% 
  • Acute Pancreatitis: 0.2% 
  • Cancer: 0% 
  • Allergic/Injection Site Reactions: 0% (more common with placebo) 
  • Low blood sugar: 0% (more common with placebo)
  • Kidney, heart, and liver disorders: 0% (all more common with placebo) 

While semaglutide has been linked to a very rare occurrence of gastroparesis, characterized by unusually slow stomach emptying and potentially leading to excess vomiting, the precise risk and definitive causal relationship remain unclear.  

If these symptoms persist, it’s crucial to promptly seek medical guidance for proper evaluation and management. Your health and well-being are our utmost priority. 


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Wilding, J.P.H. et al. (2021) “Once-weekly semaglutide in adults with overweight or obesity,” New England Journal of Medicine 


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