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Our Programme

Our digital weight loss programme has been carefully designed by clinical experts

Learn more about our SemaPen Programme

Developed by weight loss professionals with over 20 years of experience, our unique, bespoke programme uses the latest research to help you maximise your results using ground-breaking weight loss medications like Wegovy and Mounjaro.

We know losing weight is hard, but getting help and support doesn’t have to be.

The SemaPen Programme

Online Consultation

Complete our fast, free consultation to determine if you’re suitable for The SemaPen Programme

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We offer both Wegovy and Mounjaro, prescription-only injectable weight loss drugs, that will help you lose 15% (Wegovy) - 21% (Mounjaro) of your body weight*

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Diet & Lifestyle Advice

Get access to exclusive and bespoke diet and lifestyle tips from weight loss professionals

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Real Time Monitoring

Using digital technology our team of clinical experts will monitor your progress in real time, so we can step in with extra support should you need it

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What toExpect

Click on each month and discover what to expect

Month 1

  • Receive your digital scales and first weight loss pen
  • Give your first weekly injection (it’s simple!)
  • Even on the lowest starter dose you will see some weight loss
  • Mild side effects (mainly nausea) are common but usually settle after a few days
  • Weigh yourself regularly and share your progress with the SemaPen team
  • Access the tools in the SemaPen app and programme benefits

Pen strength increased gradually each month to minimise side effects

Month 2

  • Receive your second pen
  • Nausea might temporarily kick in again as the pen strength has increased
  • Portions stay small and you feel less hungry
  • Make healthy habits a part of your routine; it’s about sustainable change.
  • Stay accountable by weighing yourself regularly

Pen strength increased gradually each month to minimise side effects

Month 3

  • Receive your third weight loss pen
  • Start seeing improvements in your energy levels, sleep and mood*
  • You could have lost up to 10% of your starting weight by the end of this month, especially with Mounjaro*


*Please note that weight loss may vary between individuals.

Pen strength increased gradually each month to minimise side effects

Month 4

  • Receive your fourth weight loss pen
  • Expect some transient side effects in the first week as you are now on one of the stronger dose pens
  • Targeted support from our experts continues to keep you on track
  • Weigh yourself regularly to stay accountable
  • Unlike with stalled diets, with the Semapen programme you can expect to see continued steady weight loss



Pen strength increased gradually each month to minimise side effects

Month 5 onwards

  • You will now be on the strongest 2.4mg Wegovy pen (with Mounjaro it takes another month to reach the top dose of 15mg)
  • You will continue losing weight steadily over the next 40 weeks
  • After 1 year on the SemaPen programme we expect
    • More than 9/10 will lose (and keep off) at least 5% of their starting body weight.
    • 75% will have lost more than 10% of their starting weight
    • The average weight loss at this stage is 15% (Wegovy) to 21% (Mounjaro) of starting body weight
  • But you must stick to the programme – there is a good chance you will regain 2/3 of what you’ve lost if you stop!
  • Some people find the highest dose pens too strong – you can use the SemaPen app to control your prescription and step down to a slightly lower dose if you’d prefer


You should continue on the highest dose you can tolerate to avoid weight regain

1 0.25 5 2.4 Months 1.0 3 2 0.5 1.7 Dosage 4


If you are interested in Mounjaro, click the link below.

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