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Urgent Need for Regulation as Online Pharmacies Come Under Fire for Unsafe Weight-Loss Drug Sales


Recent revelations from a Times investigation have exposed alarming practices in the sale of weight-loss drugs by major online pharmacies, sparking calls for stringent regulation. The investigation found that weight-loss injections, like Wegovy, can be easily purchased online from pharmacies such as Boots and Superdrug without the necessary medical oversight, leading to dangerous consequences. 

Exposing Dangerous Practices 


The Times revealed that individuals, including a reporter who is not overweight, were able to obtain prescriptions for Wegovy by providing false information online. This drug, which is also marketed as Ozempic for diabetes, was prescribed without any checks. The average cost for a month’s supply is nearly £200. 

Wegovy, a brand name for semaglutide, is designed for treating severe obesity and has only been approved for use in obese patients. It was never intended for those who are a healthy weight and using it without proper medical guidance can lead to severe complications. Reports have emerged of slim young women ending up in A&E with serious side effects, including pancreatitis. 


Calls for Stricter Regulations 


In response to the investigation, the NHS has urged online pharmacies to implement rigourous checks for anyone purchasing weight-loss drugs. Professor Sir Stephen Powis, NHS England’s national medical director, emphasised the need for proper safeguards to prevent misuse and protect patient health. 


Medical Community Responses 


Dr Vicky Price, president-elect of the Society for Acute Medicine, and Tom Quinn from the eating disorder charity Beat, both stressed the importance of stringent safety checks to prevent misuse, particularly among vulnerable groups like those with eating disorders. 


Our Commitment to Safe Weight Loss Solutions 


At SemaPen, we provide safe and effective weight loss programmes tailored to individuals with a BMI greater than 35. We believe in promoting health and well-being through responsible practices and stringent medical oversight. Our approach ensures that every patient receives the highest standard of care. 


Why Choose SemaPen? 


CQC Regulated: SemaPen operates under the strict regulations of the Care Quality Commission, ensuring our services meet high standards of quality and safety. 

Part of Phoenix Bariatric Group: As a part of the renowned Phoenix Bariatric Group, we offer expert care and clinically proven weight loss programmes 

Comprehensive Care Team: Our wrap-around care includes a dedicated team of dietitians, nurses, and psychologists to support your weight loss journey holistically. 

Real-Time Weight Monitoring: We integrate digital scales to help monitor your weight in real-time and alert you when needed. 

Patient Verification: We perform thorough checks to verify age and identity of our patients, providing a secure and personalised experience. 

GP Collaboration: We keep your General Practitioner informed throughout your treatment, ensuring a cohesive and coordinated approach to your health. 


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Join Us in Promoting Safe Weight Loss


We urge everyone to be cautious when seeking weight-loss solutions online. Always ensure that any medications you receive are from genuine providers and check the expiry date. Stay informed and make safe choices. Together, we can ensure that weight-loss treatments are used responsibly and effectively for those who truly need them. 

For more information about our weight-loss programmes, visit the SemaPen website or contact us directly at Your health and safety are our top priorities. Choose SemaPen for a reliable and supportive weight loss journey.