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Meet Retatrutide: The New ‘Godzilla’ of Weight Loss


Exciting developments in the field of weight loss are making headlines, and one breakthrough worth noting is Retatrutide, a promising new treatment. Dubbed the “Godzilla” of weight loss injections, Retatrutide is generating significant attention for its remarkable results.


Understanding Retatrutide

Retatrutide represents an innovative approach to weight loss. Unlike its predecessors Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro, which target two hormones to promote satiety, Retatrutide incorporates a third hormone—glucagon. This combination works synergistically to enhance energy expenditure and significantly increase calorie burning.

Clinical trials1 have demonstrated Retatrutide’s efficacy. At the European Congress on Obesity, it was reported that participants experienced an average weight loss of 24% over 48 weeks. Notably, women saw even more substantial results, with some losing up to 28.5% of their body weight.


Will it be available with SemaPen?

For those interested in SemaPen’s comprehensive weight loss program, Retatrutide could become a valuable addition to our toolkit. Our program provides a wrap-around plan tailored to help maximise weight loss results on GLP-1 injections. Once it becomes available, Retatrutide will be added to our suite of weight loss injection options.


Does it have any side effects?

While Retatrutide shows great promise, it is not without potential side effects. Similar to other weight loss injections, some of the side effects reported include nausea and gastrointestinal discomfort. Currently, the treatment awaits approval from health authorities in the UK.


In summary, Retatrutide is poised to revolutionise weight loss strategies, offering significant benefits for individuals seeking effective treatment options. Think of it as an enhanced tool for climbing a steep hill—it assists, but effort is still required.

For more information on how weight loss injections can complement your health goals, visit our website. Our team of SemaPen experts is ready to provide the latest insights, support your journey, and ensure your weight loss experience is both successful and enjoyable.




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